Amazing Properties

Leon Bankoff's 9 Surprises
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Other Archimedean Circles
No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 Circles W4, W9, W10, W11
The Archimedean Twin Circles - No. 4 Circles W13, W14
No. 5 Circle W15
No. 6 Circles W15, W27
No. 7 Circles W15, W16, Schoch Line
No. 8 Woo circle W28, Schoch Line
The Bankoff Triplet Circle - No. 9 Circles W5, W12, W4, W29, W28
Controls Similar arbeloi, W22, Schoch Line
Similar arbeloi, circles W6, W7
Animation Circle W17, Schoch Line
Mouse control Circle W18, Schoch Line
Fixed (centered) Circle W19
Show Archimedean Twin Circles Circles W3, W20, W21, W26
For Leon Bankoff's 9 surprises see [1]
Circle numbering is taken from [3]